Solve Facebook Photo Verification Just 60 Secend !!!

Posted by Khandaker Naiem Hasan on 12:26 PM, 08-May-16

ThumbnailHello Guys! How Are You All? Im back with a new cool tricks. . We Know That Fb photo verification a very big problem now a days. . Today i bring a new super cool mathod to solve this provlem. . First Download One Click Vpn.apk => . ==> . Then Select A Japnese Proxy From The List An... [Read More]

কষ্ট বিলাশ

Posted by Khandaker Naiem Hasan on 10:11 PM, 19-Jan-16

আমার কিছু কষ্ট আছে কিনবে নাকি তুমি? কিছু কষ্ট খুব পুরনো -হীরের চেয়েও দামি। কিছু কষ্ট খুব স্পস্ট -কিছু কষ্ট ফিকে একটা কষ্ট ভালবেসে হাত বাড়াবে তোমার দিকে, যখন তুমি ছুঁতে যাবে-অম্নি দেখ নাই! তুমি আমার কষ্টটারে ভালোবাসো নাই। কিছু কষ্ট তুমি আমি- কিছু কষ্ট একা কিছু কষ্ট বুকের মাঝে-চোখে যায় না দেখা, কিছু কষ্ট পাথর কোমল-কিছু কষ্ট নাজুক একটা... [Read More]

Harsh Agrawal The Blogger Who Inspired You

Posted by Khandaker Naiem Hasan on 09:29 PM, 28-Oct-15

ThumbnailHarsh Agrawal a Icon Blogger Now. Harsh Agrawal who make blogging from New Delli, India. He is one of the best earner blogger. He started his blog in 2008. First time he was very ignore about blogging. But Day by day he reches at higest level of blooging is a awarded blog. Its awarded for "Best Blog of India"... [Read More]

Miss You Woody-woodpecker

Posted by Khandaker Naiem Hasan on 09:17 AM, 28-Oct-15

Woody Woodpecker Image Image source:

Wood woodpecker was a popular Cartoon once time. It was my on of favorite cartoon. Unfortunatly its now stopped.

Before Comming Dis Antena We Were Wacth this Cartoon on BTV(Bangladesh Televishon). Its Just Played 15 Miniut In A Weak.

Which is Your Favorite Cartoon? Comment on below.


Posted by Khandaker Naiem Hasan on 09:25 AM, 11-Apr-15

ThumbnailWe should abide by some rules of healt to keep fit. At first we should eat a balance diet . Because a balanced diet contains all the food value. We should drink plenty of water. The kidneys are the bodyr filter. They cant work efficiently without sufficient water. After that we should remain eat and clean. Them we should go... [Read More]